Friday, 11 January 2019

Super Specialty ICU Attached Air Ambulance service in Guwahati and Chennai by Panchmukhi

The main city of entered North East is the Guwahati City and the according to the census of 2011 the population of the Guwahati city is about 9.57 lakhs. In this city, there are many big hospitals but the hospitals are unable to treat the patient due to lack of proper medical instruments or the lack of experience doctors for this reason nowadays ambulance service is must need in Guwahati to shift the patient for higher treatments.

The Panchmukhi is now providing air ambulance service in Guwahati to rescue or transfer the patient into big cities like Mumbai, Chennai or to any foreign country. The Panchmukhi air ambulance service in Guwahati is the most trusted ambulance service that is anytime available to rescue the patient in any medical situations. We shift our patient by private charter aircraft at a very high speed and for our service, we charge a very low cost.

Guwahati to Chennai.JPG

For the people of Chennai, the Panchmukhi is also available to transfer your loved one who is trying to survive in ICU of a hospital. If you ever think that your patient is not getting the right treatment in your local hospital then take a change and shift the patient into a bigger hospital. The Panchmukhi air ambulance service in Chennai is doing service to shift such kind of patient within a very low price. Our service comes under a very low price that everyone easily can afford.

If you want to gift a comfortable and safe journey to your patient then book the service of Panchmukhi air ambulance service. To book just contact on 9955990333 and get the best deal.

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